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Quantum Leap Book Club Co-Hosts




Pa’Ris’Ha is a highly sought after teacher and has an international public reach of over fifty million people. She has presented in over 125 countries.

  • Philanthropist
  • Incurable people watcher and humanitarian
  • Perennial student of neurosciences and the brain
    Practical psychology and evolutionary sciences
  • Peace ambassador
  • Cherokee Spiritual Elder
  • Spiritual teacher
    Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreter
  • 55 years of health, wealth and happiness coaching and training
  • Coaches and trains in success and business
  • Activist, life coach and leader in human development

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Deb Adler is a performing artist, songwriter,and Interfaith Minister.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball is an environmental biologist from Sidney working with land developers.

Diane Montreuil is a member of the Council of the First Metis People of Canada.

Rosemarie Heyer is a native German. She is the founder of Englishfkids, offering Early English for children in Germany, since 8 years. Rosemarie created and hosted an internet radio show called, “Just be IT”, exploring consciousness. She enjoys facilitating group work to assist the people.

Tryna Giordano Cooper is an entrepreneur, business leader, solution-based community/sacred activist, and business and mindfulness trainer.

Kathy Mason is an author, speaker, Online Sales Specialist who works with Conscious Companies to help them grow.